Luau Larry's Catalina Island Home of the Wiki Wacker
Pago Pago Planters Pane's
Jamaican rum, grenendine, orange juice
Wiki Wacker
One Wiki Wacker and you'll leave here with your Wiki Wacked! Light rum, brandy, pineapple/orange juice and grenadine. Get the hat and the sticker!
Banana Berry Breeze
Light rum, bananas, strawberries and cream
Buffalo Milk
Vodka, dark cocoa, creme de banana, milk and fresh bananas
Kanapali Curb Jumper
Southern Comfort, Yukon Jack and pineapple juice
Luau Iced Tea
Rum, vodka, gin, melon liquor and sweet and sour
Tazmanian Zombie
Jamaican rum, brandy, more rum and passion liquor
Paradise Pina Colada
Rum, pineapple juice, coconut cream

PUPUS: Chips

Chips & Salsa or Guacamole
Tortilla Chips topped with cheese and salsa, guacamole on the side
Nachos Supreme
Tortilla chips topped with chili beans, cheese sauce, sour cream, jalapenos and guacamole, salsa on the side

PUPUS: Seafood

Oysters on the Half Shell
One half dozen
Oyster Shooters
With cocktail sauce and horseradish, plus a piece of lime
Pepper Vodka Shooters
Oyster shooter with a shot of Absolute Pepper Vodka
Shrimp Cocktail
Six jumbo shrimp on a bed of greens, with cocktail sauce
Mexican Shrimp Cocktail
Chopped jumbo shrimp served with avocado, Mexican salsa, lime and cocktail sauce
Mexican Campechana Cocktail
3 oysters and 3 chopped jumbo shrimp served with Mexican Salsa, avocados, lime and cocktail sauce

PUPUS: Chicken Wings

Buffalo Wings
With spicy sauce on the side
Bull Wings
Chicken wings with BBQ sauce
Turtle Wings
Chicken wings with teriyaki glaze


French Fries, or Curly Fries Onion Rings
Chili Cheese Fries
Served with chili beans topped with cheese
Deep Fried Zucchini Sticks
Served with ranch dressing
Mozzarella Cheese Sticks
Served with ranch dressing
Jalapeno Chili Poppers
Served with ranch dressing
Pupus Combo Plate
3 Jalapeno poppers, 3 cheese sticks, 3 zucchini, 5 onion rings and 2 buffalo wings served with ranch dressing


Clam Strips
Deep Fried Calamari
Shrimp and Chips
Deep Fried Combo

Clams, shrimp and fish

All deep fried seafood served with french fries, cocktail sauce or special tarter sauce

Deep Fried Chicken
Four pieces served with salad and French fries
Maui Mai Tai
Maui Madness!
Melborne Margarita
The original Margarita.
Tie Me to the Bedpost
Vodka, Malibu rum, melon liquor, sweet and sour, Sprite
Kona Ken's
Dark rum, pineapple juice, Malibu rum, Sprite

Rum, brandy, pineapple juice, orange juice, grenadine
Sombrero Slush
Keep the hat!
Larry's Blaster
Special 45 oz glass! Choose between Mai Tai, Wiki Wacker, Zombie, Scorpian, Long Island Iced Tea or Hurricane
Blue Hawaiian
Light rum, blue curaco, pineapple juice, sweet & sour, triple sec
Ken's Punch
Vodka, Malibu rum, chambord, pineapple/orange and cranberry juice


Luau Larry’s
Charbroiled roast beef with BBQ sauce
Hamburger Haole
Grilled hamburger with cheese and onion rings
Hamburger Kona
Gilled hamburger with cheese and bacon
Hamburger Hawaiian
Grilled hamburger with teriyaki sauce and fresh pineapple
Hamburger Aloha O’lea
Grilled hamburger topped with fresh guacamole
Garden Burger
Served with cheese, lettuce, tomato and onion rings
French Dip Honi Sandwich
Piles of roast beef on a French roll with au jus
Kaleponi Sandwich
Roast beef and Ortega chilies, topped with cheese on a French roll
Avalon Roast Beef
Cold roast beef topped with fresh avocado on a French roll
Hot Dogs
Plain, w/chili or sauerkraut
Chicken Waiu
Charbroiled chicken with BBQ sauce
Chicken Breast
Charbroiled chicken breast topped with melted cheese and avocado
Hawaiian Chicken
Charbroiled chicken breast topped with teriyaki sauce and fresh pineapple
Tuna Sandwich
Albacore mixture served with American cheese on grilled white or wheat bread
Tiki Turkey Sandwich
Served cold with lettuce and tomato
Ham Sandwich
With tomato, jalapenos, cheese, avocado and lettuce on white or wheat bread
Club Sandwich
Served cold with turkey, ham, bacon, cheese, lettuce and tomato on white or wheat bread

All sandwiches come with curly fries and fruit


Tossed Salad
Lettuce and tomatoes topped with cheese
Chicken Salad
Shredded chicken served on a bed of greens with tomatoes and celery
Luau Salad
Shredded chicken and roast beef on a bed of mixed greens with tomatoes, celery and cheese
Tuna Salad
Albacore mixture served on a bed of greens with tomatoes and cucumber

Join us on Wednesday for Cheeseburger in Paradise Night!


509 Crescent Avenue, Avalon, Catalina Island, California 90704
(310) 510-1919